Hi.  I am Pastor Tim Lukings, and I want to tell you a bit about myself.  I have the most amazing wife in the world.  Her name is Kris.  I grew up in London, Ontario.  Kris was raised in a small town in north-eastern Alabama.  Together we have four adult children and six grandchildren.  We feel greatly privileged to be living and ministering in Ridgetown, “the friendliest town in Ontario”.

I have been blessed to give leadership in four churches throughout the province before coming to Emmanuel.  I have also been blessed to travel from British Columbia to Nova Scotia in full-time itinerant ministry for nearly five years, preaching and teaching in churches of all shapes and sizes.  If I have learned anything, it is that God is good everywhere, all the time.

My heart’s desire is for Emmanuel to be a church…

  • That believes and behaves according to the Word of God
  • That believes in a personal relationship with the Heavenly Father through faith in the sacrificial work of His Son, Jesus Christ
  • That lives and ministers to our community in the love, truth and power of God’s Holy Spirit

With all my heart I believe that God has placed Kris and I in Ridgetown for this moment in time.  I look forward to all that God is going to do in and through Emmanuel Congregational Church as He builds His Kingdom in Chatham-Kent.


Emmanuel Church Council, Elders & Committee’s

Church Council & Elders
Chair Kevin Spence
Lois McAllister
Rosemary Mitton
Allen Reynolds
Pat Rumble

Chair of Trustees – Reade Spence
Head Deacon  – Judy Cowan
Secretary –

Elder Allen Reynolds
Norm Huff
Kris Lukings
Joy Spence

Elder Pat Rumble
Deacon Monica Robertson
Joan Adams
Ed Flemington
Kathy Vandergriendt

Elder – Rosemary Mitton
Deacon Nancy Harris
Janelle Archbald
Craig Mitton

Elder Lois McAllister
Deacon Margaret Pool
Jean Leeson
Carol Smith
Sherrie Spence

Chair Reade Spence
Colin Pool
George Harris

Governing Official (Governor)
Jo Meuhmer

Joan Adams
Shirley Turner

Prayer Chain
Norm Huff

Plan to Protect Committee
2010 – Council Appointed Committee
Chuck Pegg (Chair)
Kathy Huff
Tim Lukings
Diane Paul Huff
Kathy Vandergriendt
ECC Plan to Protect Training Booklet

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