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January 28, 2018
Abraham – Kindred Spirits
Genesis 17

January 21, 2018
We Can’t Have One Without The Other
Philippians 3:10-14

January 14, 2018
The Power In You
Ephesians 1:18-21

January 7, 2018
Emmanuel’s New Year’s Resolution
Philippians 3:10-19

December 31, 2017
Well, That’s A First
Isaiah 43:15-28

December 24, 2017
When Jesus Became a Baby
Luke 2:8-20

December 17, 2017
Before He Was A Baby 3
Luke 1:26-38
Matthew 1″18-24

December 10, 2017
Before He Was A Baby 2
Matthew 1:1-16

December 3, 2017
Before He Was A Baby
Colossians 1:15-20

November 19, 2017
Some Things Are a Matter of Conscience
Romans 14:1-23, 15:1-13

November 12, 2017
It’s What You Do Do
Romans 13:8-14

October 1st
WHY Sunday
*The full message and the first question contains what could be considered to be graphic information.  Please be aware if there are children listening.

Individual questions:
1.  WHY is there so much sexual indiscretion by spiritual leaders?
2.  If God is in control, WHY is there so much tragedy, sickness, war, and death?
3.  WHY would a loving God create a horrible place like hell?
4.  WHY is Jesus the only way to get to heaven when there are so many good people in other religions?

September 24th
True & Proper Worship
Romans 12:1-2

September 10th
The Role of the Remnant
Romans 11:1-8

September 3rd
Hear No Evil, Believe No Evil, Speak No Evil
Romans 10:1-21

August 27th
Who’s The Boss?
Romans 9:1-30

August 20th
More Than Conquerors
Romans 28:39 (apologies, the end of the sermon is missing…)

August 13th
Just Wait
Romans 8:18-27

August 6th
Identity Crisis
Romans 8:14-17

July 30th
The Struggle & The Victory
Romans 7:14-8:17

July 23rd
It’s To Die For
Romans 5:12-6:23

July 16th
It Comes with Benefits
Romans 5:1-10 (NEW!)

July 9th
One Big Boat (The Case for Grace)
Romans 2/3 (NEW!)

July 2nd
Oh Canada:  A Warning to a Wonderful Nation
Romans 1:18-32 (NEW!)

June 25th
We’ve Got The Power
Romans 1:1-17

Sunday, June 11th
I Am the Clay
Isaiah 64:3-9

Sunday, June 4th
What’s It All About
Acts 2:1-13, 42-47

Sunday, May 28th
Where Will My Resting Place Be?
Isaiah 66:1-14

Sunday, May 21st
There’s More to Come
Luke 24:44-53, Acts 1:1-11

Sunday, April 30th
Do You Love Me?
John 21:1-25

Sunday, April 23rd
I See Dead People
Luke 24, John 20

Sunday, April 16th
He Isn’t Here
Luke 23; John 19, 20; Matthew 27, 28; Mark 16

Sunday, April 2nd
You Said It
Luke 22-23, Matthew 27, John 18

Sunday, March 26th
Mark 14:53-65, John 18:12-17

Sunday, March 19th
I AM in Trouble
Matthew 26:47-56, Mark 14:13-52, Luke 22:47-53, and John 18:1-14

Sunday, March 12th
Oh My Soul
Mark 14;32-36

Sunday, March 5th
One To the Power of God
John 17:1-26

Sunday, February 26th
All In a Name
John 16:16-33

Sunday, February 19th
I Will Send Him To You
John 15:18- – 16:16
*Our apologies.  We had technical difficulties at the beginning and missed a bit of the message.

Sunday, February 12th
God Loves Fruit
John 15:1-17

Sunday, February 5th
Let Me Introduce You
John 14:15:31

Sunday, January 29
See Ya Later Alligator
John 14:1-4

Sunday, January 22nd
Ezekiel  37:1-14

Sunday, January 15th
Watch Yourself
John 13:21-38

Sunday, January 8th
Luke 22:1-13, John 13-1-20

Sunday, January 1st
Let Him Breathe
Isaiah 43:18-19

No message for Sunday, December 25th recorded…

Sunday, December 18th
Good News of JOY
Isaiah 52:13-15, Isaiah 53:1-11

Sunday, December 11th
Good News of LOVE
Isaiah 49:17

Sunday, December 4th
Good News of Peace
Isaiah 50:4-9

Sunday, November 27th
Good News of Hope
Isaiah 42:1-9

Sunday, November 20th
Doing Church God’s Way
Colossians 3:12-17

NO message for  November 13th due to technical difficulties

Sunday, November 6th
Ready or Not Here I Come
Matthew 24:42-51

Sunday, October 16th
The Storm Before the Calm

Sunday, September 25th
Questions, Questions, Questions
Matthew 22:23-46

Sunday, September 18th
Wedding Garments
Matthew 22:1-22
*sorry, missing the first few moments…

Sunday, September 11th
By What Authority?
Matthew 21: 23-46

Sunday, September 4th
Walking in Authority
Mark 11:12-14, 20:25

Sunday, August 28th
Serving Jesus 101
John 12:20-50

Sunday, August 21st
John 12

Sunday, August 7th
A Nerd with Nard
John 12:1-11

Sunday, July 31st
Investor Group – Invest In Life
Luke 19: 11-27

Sunday, July 24th
There Are Short People In The Trees
Luke 19:1-10

Sunday, July 3rd
Canada’s Biggest Enemy

Sunday, June 19th
Who’s Your Daddy?
Galatians 4:1-7

Sunday, June 12th
Last Now First Then
Matthew 20:1-16

Sunday, June 5th
Citizenship Application
Luke 18:15-30

Sunday, May 29
Lessons in Readiness

Sunday, May 22
When The Son of Man Returns
Luke 17:20-37

Sunday, May 15
Are You Coming or Going?
Luke 17:45-57

Sunday, May 8
NO message for this date

Sunday, May 1
Life Trumps Death
John 11:17-44

Sunday, April 24
For the Glory of God
John 11:1-16

Sunday, April 17
Forgiveness, Faith, & Faithfulness
Luke 17:1-10

Sunday, April 10
One Man’s View
Luke 16:19-31

Sunday, April 3
Upper Management
Luke 16:1-6

Sunday, March 27
The Resurrection Story Is Alive
John 20:1-9

Sunday, March 20
Let Your Donkey’s Be Untied
Luke 19:28-42

Sunday, March 13
Three That Were Lost
Luke 15:1-32

Sunday, March 6
Careful Consideration of your Commitment
Luke 14:25-35

Sunday, February 28
A Tale of Two Dinners
Luke 14:1-24

Sunday, February 21
The Doors
John 10:22-42, Luke 13:22-35

Sunday, February 14
How to Love
1 John 4:7-21

Sunday, February 7
John 10:1-21
Sheeps and a Shepherd

Sunday, January 31
Luke 13:10-17, John 9:1-41

Sunday, January 24
Come and Gone and Come Again

Sunday, January 17
We apologize – the first part of the message was not recorded due to technical difficulties…
Repentance: What’s In It For Me?
Luke 13:1-9

Sunday, January 10
Fire Starters
Luke 12:49-53

Sunday, January 3
Being Ready Matters
Luke 12:35-48

Sunday, December 27
When The Past Becomes The Present
Ecclesiastes 1:1-11, 3:1-15

Sunday, December 20
How Many Father’s Gave Up Their Sons
Luke 2:26-35

Sunday, December 13
Christmas Proves It! God’s Not Fair
Luke 1: 39-56

Sunday, December 6
*technical difficulties – no recording available
Pastor Tim’s sermon notes are available here:  How To Spot A Pharisee

Sunday, November 29
Distracted or Discovery

Sunday, November 22
A Biblical Response to the Refugee Crisis
What’s Stopping You?
Luke 10:25-37

Sunday, November 15
Blessed Are The Eyes That See
Luke 10:1-24

Sunday, November 8
I Am He
John 8:21-59

Sunday, November 1
He’s So Bright
John 8: 12-20

Sunday, October 18**  NEW
Catch Me If You Can
John 7:10-53

Sunday, October 25
Free Indeed
John 8:1-11

Sunday, October 11
The Power of Thanksgiving
Acts 16:16-24

Sunday, September 13
Nick Pegg – Hashtag Hope

Sunday, September 7
The Power of Agreement
Matthew 18:15-35

Sunday, August 30
The Love Ladder
Mark 9:38-50, Matthew 18:12-14

Sunday, August 23
no message recorded / technical difficulties – our apologies

Sunday, August 16
El Shaddai
Matthew 17:24-27

Sunday, July 26
Matthew 17:1-13, Luke 9:28-36

Sunday, July 19
Living Is To Die For
Matthew 16:21-28

Sunday, July 12
Who Is This Guy?
Matthew 16:13-20

Sunday, July 5
Hey Deaf Guy
Mark 8:11-26

Sunday, June 28
How To Be a Christian in a Post Christian Nation
Daniel 1:4-14

Sunday, June 21
Blessed Are His Children
Proverbs 20:7
*first few minutes were missed in the recording

Sunday, June 14
Triple Crown
Mark 7:24-8:10

Sunday, June 7
Serving God From The Inside Out
Mark 7:1-23

Sunday, May 31
Does This Offend You?
John 6:41-71

Sunday, May 24
I Will Build My Church
Matthew 16:18

Sunday, May 17  *NEW
John 6:22-40

Sunday, April 26
If It’s Really You
Matthew 14:22-36

Sunday, April 19
Not Enough is Too Much
Matthew 14:13-21

Sunday, April 12
Shrewd, Innocent, and Really Brave
Matthew 10:16-42

Sunday, April 5
Who Is It You Are Looking For?
John 20:10-18

Maundy Thursday, April 3
Why Easter is Jesus Favourite Time of Year
Luke 22:14-20

Sunday, March 29
no message recorded for this date

Sunday, March 22
How to Harvest a Bumper Crop
Matthew 9:35038, 10:1-16

Sunday. March 15
Here I Come, Ready or Not
Luke 4:16-30

Sunday, March 8
Don’t Laugh.  Touch the Cloak
Mark 5:1-20, Matthew 9:18-31

Sunday, March 1
Jesus What a Nuisance!
There was an issue with the original file that has now been resolved.  Our apologies…
Mark 5:1-20

Sunday, February 22
The Grain Ripens
Mark 4:21-29
21 Martyrs Video

Sunday, February 15
Love Stories
Ephesians 5:21-6:2

Sunday, February 8
Grow Up or Die
Luke 8:4-15

Sunday, February 1
Who Are My Brothers?
Matthew 12:46-50

Sunday, January 25 – 25th Anniversary Service
That You Would Live Well the Life You Have Been Given
Col. 1:11-14
Rev. Dr. Michael Milanga

Sunday, January 18
Signs, Signs, If Only There Were Signs 
Matthew 12:38-45

Sunday, January 11
What to Do?  What to Do?

Sunday, January 4
No message available

Sunday, December 28
No message available

Sunday, December 21
God Made the Invisible Visible
Colossians 1:15-20

Sunday, December 14
A Strong Man’s House
Matthew 12:22-37

Sunday, December 7
Luke 7:36-50
Love Much?

Sunday, November 29
Rest for Your Souls
Matthew 11:25-30

Sunday, November 22
The Spiritual Impact of Arrogance and Humility
Matthew 11:30-27

Sunday, November 15
What Kind of Man
Matthew 11:1-19

Sunday, October 26
Luke 7:11-17

Sunday, October 19
Are You Worthy of a Miracle
Luke 7:1-10, Matthew 8:5-13

**No message for Sunday, October 12

Sunday, October 5
How Can You Tell?
Matthew 6:15-29

Sunday, August 17
A Long and Winding Road
Matthew 7:13-14

Sunday, August 10
Keep On Keeping On
Matthew 7:7-12

Sunday, August 3
*No message for this date

Sunday, July 27
Self First, Others Second
Luke 6:37-42

Sunday, July 20
Oh!!  That’s Why I Shouldn’t Worry
Matthew 6:25-34

Sunday, July 13
Do You Have a “Drop in the Bucket” Problem?
Matthew 6:19-24

Sunday, July 6
Comb Your Hair and Wash Your Face
Matthew 6:16-18

Sunday, June 29
Agents of Grace

Sunday, June 22
And When You Pray

Sunday, June 15
Timeless Principles of Fatherhood
Proverbs 4:1-7, 20-27

Sunday, June 8
Go To Your Room
Matthew 6:1-8

Sunday, June 1
How to Love Your Enemies
Matthew 5:43-48 / Luke 6:27-36

Sunday, May 25
Just Do It
Matthew 5:33-37

Sunday, May 18
God Loves Your Marriage
(A sermon on divorce and remarriage)
Matthew 5:31-32

Sunday, May 11
So God Can Use Me
(A Mother’s Day sermon)
Luke 1:26-38, 46-49

Sunday, May 4
Cut It Out
(A sermon about lust)
Matthew 5:27-30

Sunday, April 27
Anger Management
Matthew 5:21-26

Sunday, April 20
Are You Washed?
Hebrews 10:19-24

Sunday, April 13
To Meet Him
John 12:12-19

Sunday, April 6
Matthew 5:17-20

Sunday, March 30
You Are People of Impact
Matthew 5:13-16

Sunday, March 23
Don’t Worry – Be Happy

Sunday, March 16
A Heart of Gold

Sunday, March 9
Mercy – Plus Sized Grace

Sunday, March 2
I Am Starving

Sunday, February 23
World Takeover

Sunday, February 16
That Poor Man Part 2 

Sunday, February 9
That Poor Man

Sunday, February 2
Sabbath Priorities

Sunday, January 19
Ask Where The Good Way Is

Sunday, January 12
Undressed Alters

Sunday, January 5
The Church at a Distance
Exodus 19:20

Sunday, December 29
Becoming God’s Army

Sunday, December 22
*The sound quality of this recording is poor.  Our apologies for this issue, we will be working towards correcting this issue.
Christmas in Whoville

Sunday, November 10
What’s New

Sunday, November 3
Healthy People Don’t Need A Doctor – Sick People Do

Sunday, September 1
Let Us Go Somewhere Else

Sunday, August 25
Who Said So – A Message About Authority

Sunday, August 18
Not Good Enough

Sunday, August 11
Where Did the Faith Go

Sunday, August 4
Turn Yourself Around

Sunday, July 28
Interview with Olympian Dominique Pegg

Sunday, July 21
Mystery Meal

Sunday, June 30
 I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Sunday, June 23
Be Afraid of the Dark

Sunday, June 16
(This message is not a part of The Life and Lessons of Jesus series)

Sunday, June 9
What’s Your Passion

Sunday, June 2
Jesus Who Two

Sunday, May 25
You Who?
Series:  Jesus 2

Sunday, May 19
Jesus Who?  Who are You?
We apologize.  The first few minutes of this sermon was not recorded.  This message is an introduction and beginning to a new series on the complete teaching of Jesus in chronological order.  Series:  The Life and Lessons of Jesus #1

Sunday, May 12
Wisdom for Women

Sunday, Mat 5
What’s Out There

Sunday, April 28
The Battle Over Faith and Healing

Sunday, April 21
Grace for the Humble

Sunday, April 14
Grace on Display
*recording starts a few moments into the message…

Sunday, April 7
Grace Exchange

Sunday, March 31
Its Only Just Begun

Sunday, March 24
Limitless Lessons Leading to the Triumphal Entry

Sunday, March 17
Gifted by Grace

Sunday, March 10
Grace Collectors

Sunday, March 3
No sermon recorded for this day.

Sunday, February 24
Please note:  The first few moments of the sermon were missed due to technical difficulties.  In preparation for this sermon, please read 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
Perfect Power.  It’s a Grace Thing

Sunday, February 17
There will be no message posted from this date.  Due to the nature of the content of the message it was decided that the message would not be recorded.

Sunday, February 10
Stuck in Grace

Sunday, February 3
Grace – In the Beginning
*Unfortunately, the first few moments of the messages were missed.  The recording picks up in the middle of Pastor Tim recounting testimonies of two of his wife’s friends who have recently rededicated their lives to God.

Sunday, January 27
Grace in Person

Sunday, January 20
From Proclamation to Participation

Sunday, January 13
Express Yourself

A message from 2010 (preached at GVCC) – the webmaster felt impressed to post this message.
One Man’s View of Heaven

Sunday, January 6
I Went to the Enemy’s Camp

Sunday, December 30th
Do You Love Him?

Sunday, December 23rd
Jesus, Full of Joy

Sunday, December 16
Praise God for His Unfathomable Love

Sunday, December 9
Peace…  The Praise of Our Lips
Home for Christmas

Sunday, December 2
We Rejoice in the Hope of the Glory of God

Sunday, November 25
That’s the Way to do It

Sunday, November 18
What is Man?

Sunday, November 11
Fighting for a Holy Nation

Sunday, November 4
There is None Like You

Sunday, October 27

Sunday, October 21*  The recording missed the first moment or two.
The R & R of Worship

Sunday, October 14
How To Become Normal

Sunday, October 7
Let Us Be Thankful

Sunday, September 16
The End of the Beginning

Sunday, September 9
Love Thy Neighbour and Thyself
Acts 10:1-16
*Please note that there were technical difficulties on Sunday.  The recording starts a few moments into the message.

Sunday, September 2
Naturally Supernatural

Sunday, October 16
What The World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love
1 John 3:11-24
Please note:  We experienced some technical difficulty and missed the first couple of minutes of this sermon.


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